Small Unit Secure Workspace Project

Small Unit Secure Workspace Project

Project Name : Small Unit Secure Workspace Project

Location : Camp Buehring, Kuwait

Main Contractor : Vectrus System Corporation

Scope of Work :

  • Site Preparation including removal of existing temporary structures,excavation and backfilling. Site grading and subgrade preparation suitable 6inch (15cm) compacted Getch and Gravel pads preparation.
  • Foundation be 150mm (6”) thick concrete slab on-grade with dimensions to support one 18Mtr x 30Mtr Pre Engineered Bldg(PEB).
  • Erection of PEB building 18Meter x 30Meter with 3Mtr eave high, comply with DPW Policy 1 reference. Exterior walls shall be metal sliding panels and interior walls be finished drywall with DPW Policy-8, Roofing consist of metal roof panels with R-40 insulation. All structural works shall done in accordance with UFC 3-110-03, latest edition.
  • Installation of the Vinyl Flooring and erect 8’ interior wall partitions with Gypsum board on each side and 6” insulation in all walls and ceiling construction for sound deadening with 60×60 ceiling tiles.
  • Installation of metal doors and door closers rated for extra heavy use and windy exterior conditions.
  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning 250ton HVAC Package units as required for the PEB facility based on the load calculations.
  • Supply, install, and test all electrical infrastructures, panels, cables, controls and lighting in accordance with UFC 1-201-01
  • Supply and installation of cable raceway system for electrical, fire alarm and communication system.
  • Supply and installation of fluorescent light fittings & wall mounted BS standard duplex outlets.
  • Supply and installation of telecommunication system which includes communication cabinets ,TMGB, SIPR, NIPR, JWICS and NSA Ports
  • Supply and installation of FPE approved addressable Fire Alarm System which includes Control Panel, UDACT, Surge Protectors, Speakers, Horn/Strobe, Smoke Detectors, Manual Pull station etc.
  • Supply and installation of Security Perimeter Chain-link fence with guard shack at PEB bldg, entrance.

Project Period : October 2016 to December 2017

Type of Contract : Construction

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    Vectrus System Corporation
  • Duration
    October 2016 to December 2017
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